Terms and conditions

1. Bookings and cancellations

We don't ask for deposits and we don't penalize you for a cancellation. We simply ask that you understand that if you cancel at the last minute, or don't turn up, that somebody else may have missed a chance, and great local food prepared for you goes to waste. A last minute cancellation in event of an emergency, of course, is no problem at all - we just hope all is OK. If you need our help, please call – we will help in any way we can.

2. Heavy rain or extreme weather

Should we believe that the tour is not possible because of bad weather, you will get a text 1 hour before the tour to advise you of cancellation. Please keep your mobile on and check it.

3. Footwear & Clothing

We strongly suggest that you have closed footwear and suitable clothing as we will be walking in all conditions. As this is a genuine farm, set deep in nature, we recommend using the bathroom at the meeting point.

4. Children & Safety

As our farm is a part of the natural Istrian environment, we ask parents to exercise due care with regards to young children and where they go. The Sta. Margherita olive grove is not a theme park, a restaurant, or a backyard with olive trees; it is truly a farm. We have guests ranging in age from new-borns to their 90’s, and all will have an exceptional experience with a little common sense.

5. In conclusion

Our guests love the experience of being on a genuine farm, enjoying everything it has to offer in a natural way, from early morning to when the stars come out. We ask that if anything is not clear you let us know, and we will do our best to clarify.

It is our honour to have you share with us a place that is so deeply part of us. Come, join us, and experience what it is like to be with friends in the heart of everything that is Istria.

Brist d.o.o.
Trgovačka 40
Vodnjan 52215